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MCCN Documents and Forms
Church and Project Reviews

Review Document

A short guide to reviews including background information and a framework for conducting reviews. It also sets out the role that MCCN is prepared to take an a list of questions that review process should consider.

Download/View/Print the Review Document [PDF 140KB]


A presentation given by Phil Mason at the meeting at MCCN 2007 Conference (14th March 2007).

Download or view Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation [203KB]

Review Proforma

At the end of each review we would like the church or project to complete a short proforma summarising the outcomes of the review process. These will be kept by MCCN and made available to other members of the network as a resource for city centre mission.

Download/View/Print the proforma [PDF 96K]

Constitution The Constitution was adopted on 18th November 2010 at the General Meeting of the Network held at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick Derbyshire.

Download/View/Print the Consitution [PDF 85KB]

Publicity Leaflet A5 double-sided leaflet summarising the aims of the Network and characterising church and ministry in the centres of large towns and cities.

Download/View/Print the leaflet [PDF 210KB]

MCCN Conferences
Conference 2014
  • Conference title: Good Leadership – Good News for the Gospel?
  • Conference program
  • Methodist Recorder article [submitted 04-December-2014]
Conference 2012
  • Conference title: Are we afraid of success? Effective Ministry in the City Centre.
  • Methodist Recorder article [Published January 2013]
  • Report of the Conference
    The report of the conference is in five parts: The report is based on my notes and recollections and therefore is incomplete and probably inaccurate. If you were at the conference and can offer improvements to the report then please contact me. Ken Tait

    Two of the contributers to the Modelling Excellence sessions have offered the following:

  • Len Simmonds recommends the Rethink Urban and in particular the article by Doug Koop called 'Church is God's gift to cities' . The following links will be found in Doug's article: All links were valid on 10th December 2012.
Conference 2010
  • Conference title: Mission Matters
  • Conference overview
  • Download or view the Conference report [PDF 289KB] (This is no longer available on-line.
    If you would like a copy please email: )
  • A list of web sites, Twitter links and Facebook pages has been compiled by David Wynd. You will also find liks to online videos and contributors' presentations as they become available.
  • Download or view a summary of the responses to the conference questionnaire. [PDF 74KB]
Conference 2008
Until 2007 the conference was held in March every other year (odd-numbered years). Since then the conference has been held in November, still every other year, but now in even-numbered years.
Conference 2007

The 2007 Conference was held at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire.

Reports and resources

Web links related to the conference discussion

Conference 2005 A report on the conference is available.
Trends that are changing our lives – Len Simmonds [(This is no longer available on-line.
If you would like a copy please email: )]
Partnerships and Coffee Bars [Download or view presentation]
Holy Communion in the City written by the Revd David G Weeks [Download or view document]
This document is laid out so that it can be printed on to two sides of an A4 sheet which is then folded.
MCCN Meetings
Gloucester 2015 Programme for the meeting was:
  • 10.00 Coffee and refreshments
  • 10.30 Welcome and devotions
  • 11.00 St John's – Faith at the centre : Mission statement and strategy
    • Alan Morgan (local preacher) : Engaging with heritage in mission
    • Ann Dunning (Senior Steward) : Mission in the City Centre
    • The Revd Tim Harrison : How being a chaplain has help engage in City Centre Ministry
    • Challenges and exciting opportunities
  • 13.00 Lunch served – Cost : £5
  • 13.30 The Revd Canon Angela Overton-Benge (Swindon Commercial Chaplaincy : Setting up and sustaining Town and City Centre Chaplaincy
  • 14.15 Reflections on our work
  • 15.00 Closing devotions
  • 15.15 Meeting ends
Newcastle 2015 A short report of this meeting can be viewed or downloaded.
Preston 2013
  • Notes of the meeting by our Secretary the Revd Stuart Wild [Download/View/Print] (PDF 55KB)
    held at Central Methodist Church, Lune Street, Preston [web site]
    A further version of the meeting (by Ken Tait) is also available.[Download/View/Print] (PDF 190KB)
  • Reflections upon stationing in city and town centres Notes for a presentation made by the Revd Martin Turner to the Stationing Committee in October 2013. The Prestom meeting discussed a draft verion of these notes prior to Martin making his presentation. [Download/View/Print] (PDF 90KB)
Derby 2011
  • The Derby Story – The Revd Paula Hunt
  • The Nottingham Story – Kevin Dunn and the Revd Peter Willis
  • The Leicester Story – The Revd Jill Marsh
Download/View/Print A report of the three sessions. [PDF 72KB]
Derby Queen's Hall web site.
Life @ the Centre (Nottingham) web site.
Leicester Central Mission web site.
Hull 2011
  • The Hull Story – The Revd Luke Smith and Deacon Peter Ogle
  • North Humberside Industrial Mission – The Revd Mike Hills
Download/View/Print A report of the two sessions. [PDF 88KB]
Hull Central Hall web site.
North Humberside Industrial Mission web site.
Westminster 2010 Download/View/Print Notes of the talk Asylum in the City given by Canon Nicholas Sagovsky, Canon Theologian, Westminster Abbey [PDF 106KB]
Download/View A Theological Toolkit for the City [Powerpoint presentation 225KB]
The Revd Dr Stuart Jordon, Joint Chair of the London Methodist District, was asked to talk about 'a theology of/for the city'. This presentation is his response. He made it clear that this was not a complete toolkit, just some bits of it.
One of the slides gives a list of books. This, he said, was not a reading list, rather an indication of the kinds of books he judged to be useful and relevant.
Harrogate 2009 Programme:
  • The Harrogate Story – Shaun Swithenbank (Wesley Chapel)
  • MCCN Update
  • Methodism and Urban Mission – Erica Dunmow
  • The Pros and Cons of different types of charity structure – Paula Smith and David Walton
Download/View/Print Notes on the meeting [PDF 135KB]
Download/View/Print A summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different models for charitable organisations (Revised 10th December 2009) [PDF 140KB]
Darlington 2009 Programme:
  • The Darlington Story – Bob Robinson
  • Tees Valley Ministry – Rosa Leto
  • A brief talk on development and buildings
  • Urban Mission and preparations for Jesus in the City Community, conflict and Celebration (Belfast 2010) and the World Mission Conference Witnessing to Christ Today (Edinburgh 2010) – Erica Dunmow
  • Discernement and Selection
  • MCCN Business – Constitution, Finance, 2010 Conference, Publicity at Methodist Conference
  • The Church's response to the economic and financial crisis – Niall Cooper
Notes on the meeting [PDF 570KB] (This is no longer available on-line.
If you would like a copy please email: )
Worksop 2008 Presentations
  • The Crossing, Worksop (Mark Pengelly) [Powerpoint 6.5MB] - This has been temporarily removed from the site until more space becomes available.
    Please contact me (Ken Tait) if you would like to see this.
    You can read more about The Crossing's Social Enterprise Company (SEC) in its Annual Report [PDF 225KB]
  • Charity Reforms 2008 (Paul Ingram, Methodist Property Office) [Powerpoint 1.2MB]
  • Property – pain or gain? (David Parsley, Knight Frank) [Powerpoint 780KB] - This has been temporarily removed from the site until more space becomes available.
    Please contact me (Ken Tait) if you would like to see this.
Gloucester 2007 Notes on the meeting.
Nottingham 2006 Reviews by Phil Mason – Powerpoint presentation given by Phil Mason.
Download or view Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation [260KB]
Blackpool 2006 Download or view notes on the meeting.
Wolverhampton 2005 Download or view notes on the meeting
Papers, Presentations and other Publications
Church and Project Reviews This section has been moved.
CDs and DVDs Re-sourcing Mission CD £2 from Methodist Publishing House.
Good CD lots of information and resources links with "Shaping the Future" document. [More information...]
Fresh Expressions DVD £13 Wesley Owen. [More information...]
Beyond Word and Stone DVD £10
New ideas of church
[More information...]
Presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint)

The Role of a District Chair
Revd David Perry (Chair of the Lincoln and Grimsby District)

Unfortunately this presentation is very large (21 megabytes) and it is impractical to distribute it through this web site. If you are interested please e-mail me (Ken Tait) and if there is a demand I will look into alternative methods.

Biblical Perspectives on Leadership
Revd David Perry (Chair of the Lincoln and Grimsby District)

(The presentation is no longer available on-line.
If you would like a copy please email: )
Papers Reflections upon stationing in city and town centres
Revd Martin Turner (Central Hall, Westminster) [Download/View/Print] (PDF 90KB)
This paper includes Martin's notes for his presentation to Stationing Committee (October 2013)

Equipping Urban Christians
Learning resources for Christian Mission in an Urban World
Brochure produced by the Urban Mission Development Project

A PDF version (1.6MB) can be downloaded from Urban Mission Development Project web site

Worship in a Global City
Martin Turner ( Methodist Central Hall Westminster)

The main points from a presentation given at London Methodist Superintendents Meeting in October 2009.
Download or view (PDF 131KB)

Churches in the city: Perspectives from Brazil
John Vincent (
Urban Theology Unit)

Download or view a Microsoft Word version

The Church at the Centre of the City
Paul Ballard ( School of Religious and Theological Studies), Cardiff University.

Published in The Expository Times Volume 8 Page 116 (2005). The full paper is available to subscribers only but a short abstract may be freely viewed. [Organistions and institutions that subscribe to Athens may obtain free access to the full paper. For a full list of such organisations go to]
Other Conferences
Being the Church in a World City – Diocese of London Study Summit (September 2012)

The one day Study Summit was developed to give the clergy of London a day together to hear from eminent theologians and personalities on a variety of topics emanating from the central theme, Being the Church in a World City.

The Summit was to help clergy find insights to refresh, interest and stimulate them for the year ahead and give them an opportunity to meet each other for mutual support and fellowship.

[Read more ... ]

There are audio downloads of the keynote speakers and the focus sessions, including a collection of pictures to accompany one of the downloads.

The Church in the Centre of the City
Cardiff University September 2005

The Church in the City Centre – the emergence of the City Lite
Chris Baker (Research Director of the William Temple Foundation).

Download or view a PDF version
Download or view a Microsoft Word version

A living spirituality and theology for the city
Geoff Cornell (Superintendent Minister at the West London Mission)

Download or view a Microsoft Word version

Imagination – confiscated
A paper for discussion
Donald Reeves (Founder of the Soul of Europe project)

View an on-line version
Download or view a PDF version
Download or view a Microsoft Word version

Conference Report
Paul Ballard ( School of Religious and Theological Studies), Cardiff University.

Download or view a Microsoft Word version

Conference Participants
Paul Ballard has provided me with a list of all particpants at the conference along with their addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail. In order to prevent misuse of the personal information I have not made it available on this site. If you would like a copy please e-mail me – Ken Tait

MA Urban Theology

Urban Theology Unit

Course information – download or view a Microsoft Word version

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