MCCN Recent Changes
9 May 2013 Audio downloads of the 2012 London Study Summit on Being the Church in a World City are available through our Resources page (Other Conferences Section).
3 January 2013 A report on the 2012 Conference is now available.
1 December 2012 Following the General Meeting at the 2012 Conference there have been changes to the membership of the Coordinating Group.
28 May 2012 A new page giving details of our Privacy Policy has been added to the site. On the same page there is also information about 'cookies' and our us eof them – we don't use them.
30 March 2012 Extra information has been added about Standing Order 440 and the City Centre List. This includes pointers to the 'guidelines' referred to in SO440 as well as to the 2001 Conference Report where there where a paper was presented on Ministry and Mission in the City Centre which resulted in a statement of what it means to be on the City Centre List.
13 May 2011 Dates of meetings for the rest of 2011 and for 2012 added.
3 February 2011 A list of those churches, circuits and projects on the City Centre List that have completed a review has been added to the Network page.
25 November 2010 A report and other information relating to the recent Conference is being added as it becomes available in a suitable form.
21 April 2010 Copies of Equipping Urban Christians – Learning resources for Christian Mission in an Urban World – can be downloaded from Urban Mission Development Project web site.
This item is listed in the Publications (Papers) section of the resources page.
13 April 2010 Notes and a presentation from the meeting held at Central Hall, Westminster, in March 2010, are now available on the resources page.
10 December 2009 A revised version of the document on the Pros and Cons of different types of Charity Structures is now available. This new version has been produced in the light of comments made by Paula Smith who spoke at the Harrogate meeting in October 2009.
4 December 2009
17 November 2009 Worship in a Global City has been added to the list of resources. This is a paper based on a presentation given by Martin Turner at the London Methodist Superintedents Meeting (October 2009)
6 October 2009 The list of churches and projects belonging to the network has been updated. The contact column should take into account recent changes due to stationing. Please let us know about any errors or omissions.
3 December 2008 An overview of the 2008 Conference (with pictures) is available together with a longer report as a PDF.
9 March 2008 Three presentations given at the meeting at The Crossing, Worksop (4 March 2008) are available to view or download on the resources page.
You can also download or view the Annual Report of the Crossing's Social Enterprise Company (SEC).
21 November 2007
  • The menus on the main pages have been changed and extended.
  • The whole web site has been checked for information that is obsolete or is no longer useful. If anything has disappeared which you feel should have been retained then please let the web editor know.
  • The resources page has been re-organised.
Some notes on the MCCN meeting in Gloucester (14 November 2007) have be added to the resources page.
The Network page now includes information about the Network as well as the list of churches and projects belonging to the Network.
11 October 2007 The layout of the home page has been modified to provide space for notices and information that are of immediate interest.
20 September 2007 The list of churches and projects in the Network has been revised.
4 June 2007 An ecumenical network... The City Centre Churches group agrees to join with MCCN.
26 March 2007 MCCN Conference 2007 summary and reports.
16 March 2007 Dates of future meetings added.
3 March 2007 Information relating to the 2007 Conference.
1 November 2006 Reviews – Powerpoint presentation given by Phil Mason at the Nottingham meeting (19th October) is available for viewing or downloading on the resources page.

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11 December 2013