MCCN The Hayes Conference 2005

MCCN Conference 2005

The biannual conference was held at the Hayes Conference Centre from 28th February to 2nd March. The programme began on Monday evening and finished on Wednesday morning with Holy Communion at which Bob Jones presided, using Holy Communion in the City written by David Weeks. Communion Focus
The Revd Bob Jones Bob has been secretary and treasurer of the Network for a number of years but now that he is stationed in Mansfield felt that it was time to relinquish these responsibilities. Andrew Sails, on behalf of the Network, thanked Bob for all that he had done and the way that he had done it.

David Wynd (Nottingham) will be the secretary of the Network.
Pat Barrett (Middlesbrough) will be our treasurer.

The Presentations

For each of the sessions I have tried to present a summary of what was presented, sometimes it is a little disjointed where both my memory and my ability to read my own handwriting failed. Two of the presenters used Powerpoint presentations and when I receive them I will make them available through this site.

I ask those of you who were present at these sessions to correct me where I have made errors, forgotten something, missed the point or have invented something that was not said.

If there are one or two things that for you were the key things you learnt and which made the conference worth coming to then email me with the details and I will add them to the report.

Ken Tait

Some of the delegates

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8 March 2005