MCCN The Network
The Network is recognised by the Methodist Church and has a Constitution.

About the Network

Belonging to the Network Membership is open to churches, projects, groups and individuals working in town and city centres
  • that have aims consistent with the aims of the Network
  • are interested in helping the Network to achieve its aims
  • are willing to abide by the rules of the Network and
  • who either have been entered on the connexional City Centre List or who pay a subscription
In addition to those who are members there will be a category of association consisting of those who shall be known as Network associates who have the same aims. The details of Network associates will be included in the Network directory.
The Aims of the Network
  • Advocacy in promoting, presenting and developing the role of city/town centre ministry.
  • The continuing training and mutual support of those engaged in this ministry.
  • The discernment, encouragement and management of good practice in city/town centre ministry.
The Network provides
  • A forum for the exchange of ideas and resources.
  • A meeting twice a year that gives opportunity for updates and the sharing of experience.
  • A conference every two years.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with experienced practitioners.
  • Structure and support to aid in reviews.
Coordinating Group
  • Convenor: The Revd David Martin (Central Hall, Plymouth)
  • Secretary: The Revd Stuart Wild (The Methodist Centre, Manchester)
  • Treasurer: Mr David Burton
  • Communications: Mr Ken Tait (Leeds Mission)
  • The Revd Brenda Mosedale (Christ the Cornerstone, Milton Keynes)
  • The Revd Mark Rowland (Central Hall, Coventry)

Churches and Projects

For some churches and projects listed there is no Main Contact information. This is usually a result of stationing changes. If your church or project is one of these, or if the information given is incorrect in any way, please contact the web editor.

A small number of the links appear to refer to sites which no longer exist. The web editor would be pleased to receive the up-to-date addresses for these churches and projects. Please check that the link for your church or project is correct.

Those churches and projects on the City Centre List
have an asterisk(*) against their circuit numbers in the following table.
This list is currently being updated as out of date information is identified and current information is obtained.
Town or city Name Circuit Main contact
Aberdeen Crown Terrace (website) 31/10 The Revd John McNeill
Ashton-under-Lyne Town Centre Ministry 19/23 The Revd Robert Davies
Aylesbury Aylesbury Methodist Church (website) 23/29 Revd Helen Kirk
Bangor St John's 2/3 The Revd Alf Williams
Birkenhead Charing Cross (website) 18/9* The Revd Blair Kirkby
Birmingham Birmingham Chinese Church 5/7 The Revd Goh Peng Beh
Birmingham City Centre Project/Methodist Central Mission 5/1* Beverley Francis
Blackburn Methodist Church Blackburn Circuit 21/2 The Revd Yvonne J Pearson
Blackburn Wesley Hall 21/2* The Revd Albert Gayle
Blackpool New Central (website) 21/12* The Revd Sally Coleman
Blackpool North Shore 21/12* The Revd Sally Coleman
Bolton Victoria Hall (website) 6/2* The Revd Linda Barriball
Bradford Touchstone Centre (website) 27/33* The Revd Barbara Glasson
Brighton Dorset Gardens (website) 36/12* The Revd Robin Selmes
Bristol Bristol Methodist Centre (website) 7/2* Revd Elaine Brightwell
Bromley Bromley (website) 35/42 The Revd Karen George
Burnley Central (website) 21/1 The Revd Phil Clarke
Cambridge Wesley (website) 14/26 The Revd Colin A Smith
Canterbury St Peter's (website) 36/27* The Revd Geoffrey Boxer
Cardiff Wales Synod 2 (website) 2/- The Revd Dr Stephen Wigley
Carlisle Methodists@Tithebarn 9/1 The Revd David Firth
Chelmsford Trinity (website) 34/9 The Revd Mike Lewis
Chester The Wesley Church Centre (website) 11/1 The Revd Claire Heald
Chichester Christ Church (website) 36/8
Colchester Castle (website) 34/6 The Revd Catherine M Bowstead
Coventry Central Hall (website) 5/10* The Revd Mark Rowland
Darlington Bondgate (website) 13/1 The Revd Isobel Akers
Derby City Centre (website) 22/6* Deacon Jane Rice
Dewsbury Longcauseway 16/10 The Revd Judith M Satchell
Dolgellau Dolgellau Methodist Church (website) 1/1
Doncaster Priory Place (website) 25/14 The Revd Tom Read
Dover Beacon Church & Christian Centre (website) 36/30 The Revd Bruce Allinson
Dronfield Brunswick 25/3 David Burton
Dudley Central (website) 28/13 The Revd Joseph Gomez
Dundee Dundee (website) 31/11 The Revd Mary M Patterson
Durham Elvet (website) 13/11* The Revd Shaun Swithenbank
Durham North Road (website) 13/11* The Revd Shaun Swithenbank
Edinburgh Granton (website) 31/1 The Revd Andrew Letby
Edinburgh St Andrews and St Georges West (website) Joyce Garland
Edinburgh The City of Edinburgh Methodist Church (website) 31/1* The Revd Andrew Letby
Exeter Mint (website) 24/4* The Revd Steve Ward
Glasgow Woodlands (website) 31/2
Gloucester St John's Northgate 7/7* The Revd Tim Harrison
Gravesend Gravesend (website) 36/21 The Revd Noreen Daley-Lee
Halifax Ebenezer (website) 27/34
Halifax Salem (website) 27/34 The Revd Paul Welch
Harrogate Wesley (website) 16/13 The Revd Trevor Dixon
Harrow Trinity (website) 35/36 The Revd David Varcoe
Hereford St John's (website) 5/24 The Revd David T Meachem
Hexham Hexham Trinity Methodist Church (website) 20/08 The Revd David Goodall
High Wycombe Wesley Methodist Church (website) 23/27 Deacon Ruth Richey
Huddersfield Huddersfield Mission (website) 27/2* Paul Bridges
Huddersfield Huddersfield Town Centre Chaplaincy 27/2 Deacon Gill Atkinson-Heck
Hull Central Hall (closed) 29/5*
Hull Holderness Road (website) 29/4
Ipswich Museum Street (website) 14/2
Lancaster Lancaster Methodist Church (website) 21/17* The Revd Steve Charman
Leeds Leeds Methodist Mission (website) 16/0* Deacon Jenny Jones
Leeds Oxford Place Methodist Church (website) 16/1 Ken Tait
Leicester Bishop Street (website) 23/7* The Revd Fran Rhys
Lincoln Bailgate (website) 17/2 The Revd Andy Burrows
Lincoln Central (website) 17/3* The Revd Christine Jewitt
Liverpool City Centre (website) 18/4* The Revd Ian J K Hu
Liverpool Linacre Methodist Mission (website) 18/1 The Revd Luke Smith
Llandudno St John's Church (website) 2/12* The Revd Beverley Ramsden
London Bermondsey Central Hall (South London Mission) (website) 35/7 The Revd Dr Janet Corlett
London Chelsea (website) 35/4* The Revd Michael Sawyer
London Ealing Green (website) 35/24 The Revd Dr Jen Smith
London Fulham Broadway (website) 35/15* The Revd Rachel Bending
London Palmers Green (Trinity-at-Bowes) (website) 35/18 The Revd Mark Davenport
London Tower Hamlets (website) 35/9 The Revd Peter Powers
London Victoria 35/4 The Revd Michael Sawyer
London Wesley's Chapel (website) 35/1 The Revd Dr Leslie J Griffiths
London West London Mission (website) 35/2* The Revd Sue Keegan Von Allmen
London Westminster Central Hall (website) 35/3* The Revd Martyn Atkins
Lytham St Annes Lytham Methodist Church (website) 21/14 The Revd Dr Adrian Burdon
Maidstone Tonbridge Road (website) 36/23
Maidstone Union Street (website) 36/23
Manchester Manchester and Stockport District 19/0
Manchester Nexus (website) 19/1* The Revd Alistair Lowe
Manchester The Methodist Centre (website) 19/1* The Revd Margaret Mwailu
Mansfield Bridge Street (website) 22/23 The Revd John Yarrien
Middlesbrough Linthorpe Road (website) 13/2* The Revd Una McLean
Milton Keynes Christ the Cornerstone (LEP) (website) 23/26 The Revd Brenda Mosedale
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Brunswick (website) 20/1* The Revd Michael Holland
Northampton Queensgrove (website) 23/13 The Revd Tina Swire
Norwich Chapel Field Road (website) 14/1* The Revd Catherine Hutton
Nottingham Life at the Centre (website) 22/5* The Rev Andy Chislett-McDonald
Nottingham Nottingham and Derby District 22/0
Oldham The Salt Cellar (website) 19/11* The Revd Pete Moorhouse
Oxford Wesley Memorial (website) 23/1 The Revd Dr Martin Wellings
Paisley Central Hall (website) 31/5 The Revd Dr Elizabeth J B Adam
Perth Perth (website) 31/11 The Revd Benson Chongo
Peterborough Westgate (website) 23/21 Administrator Westgate Church
Plymouth Central Hall (website) 24/2* The Revd Dave Martin
Poole High Street (website) 26/19 Jane Shipton-Ashwell
Preston Central (Lune Street) (website) 21/11* The Revd Sue Griffiths
Reading Wesley Queens Road (website) 26/13
Rochdale St Andrew's (website) 6/4
Rotherham Eastwood Mission (website) 25/17 The Revd Peter Edwards
Rotherham Talbot Lane (website) 25/17* The Revd Karen Beecham
Salford Emmanuel (website) 19/3* The Revd Ken Stokes
Salisbury Salisbury (website) 26/23
Sheffield Victoria Hall (website) 25/2* The Revd Jonathan Haigh
Sheffield Wesley Hall Methodist Church (website) 25/1
St Albans Marlborough Road (website) 34/13 The Revd Rosemary Fletcher
St Annes on the Sea The Drive Methodist Church 21/14 The Revd Dr Adrian Burdon
Stafford Circuit (website) 28/- Leigh Reade
Stafford Rowley Street 28/9
Stafford Trinity 28/9
Stamford Trinity Methodist Church, Barn Hill (website) 23/22 The Revd Andy Fyall
Stockport Tiviot Dale 19/13 The Revd Jocelyn Bennett
Stoke-on-Trent Longton Central Hall 11/20* The Revd Anthony R Tagg
Stoke-on-Trent Swan Bank (website) 11/18* The Revd Ashley Cooper
Swansea Brunswick (website) 2/24 The Revd Siperire Mugadzaweta
Swindon Central Church (website) 7/24
Tamworth Central (website) 5/9* The Revd Tim Flowers
Taunton Temple (website) 24/15
Torquay Central (website) 24/8 Barbara Lawton
Truro Truro Methodist Church (website) 12/04 The Revd Mark Dunn-Wilson
Walsall Central Hall (website) 28/4* The Revd Bev Boden
Warrington Methodist Mission (website) 18/13* The Revd Jacqueline Bellfield
Warrington Warrington Borough Ministry (website) 18/15* The Revd Stephen Kingsnorth
Weston-super-Mare Victoria (website) 7/17 The Revd Carol Gill
Wigan Queen's Hall (website) 6/5* Zena Ridyard
Winchester Winchester (website) 26/7
Wolverhampton Darlington Street 28/1* The Revd David Lavender
Worcester St Andrew's (website) 5/16 The Revd Helen M Caine
Worksop The Crossing Church and Centre (website) 25/19* The Revd Geoffrey S Clarke
Worthing Cornerstone (website) 36/9 The Revd Julian C Albrow
Wrexham Regent Street (website) 1/1
York Central (website) 29/2* The Revd Chris Humble
York Trinity (website) 29/1 The Revd David A Godfrey
This list is currently being updated as out of date information is identified and current information is obtained.

In accordance with SO 440 of the Constitution, Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church (CPD) every church, circuit or project on the City Centre List is reviewed at five-yearly intervals.

Churches and projects that are on the City Centre List are marked with an asterisk(*) against the circuit number.

Churches, circuits and projects that have been reviewed
  • Leicester – Bishop Street (2009)
  • Blackpool – North Shore (Spring 2010)
  • Worksop – The Crossing (Summer 2010)
  • Hull – Central Mission (Winter 2010)
  • Harrogate – Wesley (Spring 2011)
  • Huddersfield (Summer 2011)
  • Leeds – Leeds Mission – Oxford Place (Autumn 2011)
  • Nottingham – Life @ the Centre (Spring 2013)
  • Sheffield – Victoria Hall Mission (September 2013)
The Network provides some resources to help with reviews. It will also offer someone to act as an aide to the reviewing group.
Other useful contacts Role
The Revd Paul Wood Connexional Team officer for evangelism in contemporary culture
Erica Dunmow (until recently Urban Mission Development Advisor) Urban Mission Development Project – working to support urban mission across all Christian traditions and denominations across the UK, jointly funded by the Methodist Church and ECUM (Evangelical Coalition for Urban Mission)
Revd Paul Wood Connexional Team
Ms Angela Connelly Methodist Central Halls (Postgraduate Research, Manchester School of Architecture, University of Manchester.)


  1. The appearance of a church or project in this list only indicates that someone involved has indicated that they have an interest in the Methodist City Centre Network. Where it is known that a church or project has been designated by its Synod as a city centre church or project according to SO 440 then an asterisk (*) appears against its circuit reference.
  2. Where the circuit number is not given (for example, 2/-) or is zero (such as 16/0) this indicates a district project or possibly a district itself.

Making contact

To minimise unsolicited mail ('spam') e-mail addresses are not provided here. If you wish to contact anyone in this list and cannot find their contact information in the Methodist Directory then please e-mail the web editor who will be pleased to forward your message using the e-mail address in the Network database.

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