MCCN The Hayes Conference 2005

Trends that are changing lives

Len Simmonds Len Simmonds, a businessman with varied experince, was once the manager of the Nottingham Evening Post. He is now with Experience Works

Len's Powerpoint presentation can be viewed or downloaded.

Len presented a wide range of facts and figures which characterised the changes that are happening locally, regionally, nationally and globally and challenged us to think about how such facts and figures impact on our priorities as city centre churches.

Here are some of the key themes in his presentation:

  • Significant demographic change In the UK birth rates are falling, health is improving, people are living longer.
  • Wealth The rich are richer the poor poorer. Households need two wages. Older people (over 50) have more than three-quarters of the wealth of the country.
  • Work In this country we are running out of workers as people start work later, finish earlier and as the demographic balance shifts towards the old. There are skill shortages and people who choose not to work. The number of jobs is increasing.
  • Business Competition is driving prices down, manufactured goods get cheaper, 80% of business are in the service sector and everything must be available 24/7.
  • Quality of life We're getting bored, more choosey, more difficult. We want something new, something exciting, something to make us feel better. Whatever we experience that is better (whether real or fantasy), wherever and whenever we do, we want it here and now. Rampant consumerism fuelled by the need to provide choice (possibly too much choice), and to tailor everything – cosmetically – to the individual sometimes by collecting information and anticipating choice. And whatever it is it must be entertaining.

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20 June 2005